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Men's Waxing

With more than 16 years of experience with waxing for women and men, Betty is a well-known waxing specialist in body hair removal/waxing for men.

Betty is proud to offer to our customers the best wax imported directly from Brazil. The top quality wax that we use, in addition to effectively eliminating the hair, also moisturizes the skin and causes less discomfort. To schedule an appointment with Betty please call (954) 725-0164

Men Waxing Prices

Nose $15
Ears $12
Eyebrows $15

Brazilian $55
Butt $30
Buttocks $25
Back and Shoulders (full) $55
Back (half) $32
Back (lower) $22
Back (mid) $22
Back (upper) $22
Shoulders $20
Neck $15
Chest and Stomach $55
Stomach (full)


Stomach (trip)


Full Arms (Hands Included) $40
Half Arms (Hands Included) $30
Under Arms $20