Other Services

Betty's Day Spa also offers a full range of beauty services to its customers. Please check our low prices below and feel free to call to schedule an appointment with one of our beauty specialists.

Other Services

Women Body Treatments
Cavitation (each area) $50
Radiofrequency (each area) $50
Lynfatic Draining $50
Endermology $50
Exfoliating and Hydration $80+
Magic Touch $15
Back Cleaning $60

These treatments are non-invasive body sculpting treatments which are a risk-free alternative to liposuction.

The Cavitation device works with low frequency ultrasonic waves that causes micro bubbles formations into the fatty tissue, which makes the fat cells gradually increase in size until they finally implode and liquefy. The result is an instant loss of fat cells.

The Radiofrequency Treatment is a non-surgical tightening of loose or sagging skin. The device delivers radiofrequency waves into the deeper layers of the skin, causing a heating action that immediately tightens skin tissues by helping to build new collagen.


Packages available and Free Consultation.

Every Day, Night Party $50
Bridal (Try On) $90


Hair Care
Women's Hair Cut $30
Men's Hair Cut $20
Blow-Dry $30 up
Single Process/Color

$65 up

Color Retouch


Semi color $65
Toner $50
Highlights Full Head $125 up
Highlights Full Head Retouch $105
Highlights Partial $90
Highlights Partial Retouch $75 up
Highlight Quarter $65
Highlight Quarter Retouch $50
Straightening  $90 up
Straightening Retouch $75 up
Brazilian Keratin Treatment $130 up
Brazilian Keratin Treatment Retouch $75 up
Hair Botox $95 up
Mask Deep Conditioner $30
BBCream Treatment

$85 up


Keratin Treatment was designed to recover and straightened the hair. This treatment is ideal for people who spend a lot of time styling their hair every day, but do not want to have a permanent straightened look. Take advantage of the recent improvements in Keratin Treatment.


After applying the Keratin, the product will be washed out on the same day and you will see immediate results. Your hair will be shiny, silky, healthy, with less volume, and of course straight. Be ready for all the compliments you will receive afterwards.



This is a revolutionary treatment that restores lost protein by nurturing every strand of hair, leaving it straight, soft, shiny, and malleable. The Hair Botox treatment is gentle and free of formaldehydes and theirs derivatives. It is safe to be used on all hair types, from the most delicate bleached hair to the most resistant virgin hair. Hair Botox is the answer for beautiful, smooth, frizz-free, shiny, radiant and healthy looking hair.

Skin Care Facials
Facial $60
Facial Deep Cleaning $80
Acne Facial $80
Mini Facial $40
Gentlemen's Facial $55


Skin Care Special Treatments
Back Cleansing $55
Microdermabrasion $60
Galvanic Treatments $70
Vitamin "C" Peel $65
Chemical Peel $90
Reveratrol Peel $60
Ultrasonic Peel $55
Radiofrequency (face and neck) $70
Skin Care
Pure Oxygen Serum $15
Wrinkle Relaxer Serum $15
Caviar Masque $35
Gold Masque $35
Green Clay Masque $30